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About PolySuite

PolySuite reinvents your essential web tools, the Search Engine, Bookmark and Browser

The search engine with the tools to empower.

Harnessing the best

Innovative comparison tools

Quick search filters

A revolutionary, new way to browse.

See all of your websites at once

PolyBrowser's patent-pending design turns your browser into a dashboard.

Fast and Secure

Leverages Firefox technology to ensure world-class speed and security.

The perfect complement

PolyBrowser is the best way to find, save and re-launch sites from PolyFetch and PolyMarks.

Online bookmarking made faster and easier.

Re-launch them with
1 click

Access your PolyMarks in the cloud, anywhere

  • Find them at or

  • Re-launch your sites
    with 1 click, on any device

  • Create and Launch PolyMarks instantly with our browser extension*

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